Helping Out

If You Find a Turtle on The Road…

If you see a turtle on the road or moving towards the road, shift the turtle to safety.  In most instances, turtles should be moved in the direction they are heading using methods that are safe for both you and the turtle.

Never pick up any turtle by the tail!  This can cause serious injury to the animal.

Painted turtles can be easily picked up by the sides of their shells.

However, snapping turtles are a different story – the name says it all!  Handle them by the back of the shell.  Never get near the front or sides of a snapping turtle.  They can strike faster and farther than one may think.

Here’s a good video showing how to safely move a snapping turtle:

This is another video how to safely move a snapping turtle, presented by the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Center.

In May 2017, a member of the public took the initiative to call our Turtle Emergency Hotline to help the beautiful painted turtle below:

Courtesy of Kris Robinson
This turtle was about to cross Cootes Drive.  The good Samaritan stayed with the turtle until a Dundas Turtle Watch volunteer could get there (about 10-15 minutes) and help her cross the road.  Thanks very much to the person who called us!

When You Find an Injured Turtle…

Please call the Turtle Watch Hotline 289-775-1351 or Joanna Chapman 905-627-8917

Thank you for your help.

“A turtle without a shell is a very strange thing. Even with shells, turtles are very strange things, with their miniature elephant’s feet, parrot’s beak and ludicrous tail.”

Albert Sánchez Piñol

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