Dundas Turtle Watch

Dundas' Turtles Need Your Help!

Help Dundas Turtles!

If You See a Turtle in Distress: Call 289 775 1351

Thank you for another very successful season! Unfortunately, due to the situation, we could not accept any new volunteers this year, but we optimistically look forward to new faces to help our native local turtles in 2021!

Wishing everyone safety and health in the chilly months ahead. Don’t forget to drive cautiously, adhere to all speed limits, and be wary of small creatures on bike paths and rail trails.

Thank you.

DTW Case Studies:

3 thoughts on “Help Dundas Turtles!

  1. Thank you for the advice Mr. Turtle Watch volunteer! I saw a painted turtle about to cross York Rd. today (near the Hydro One station). I called the hotline and you told me to take it to the Desjardins Canal. So I did. I have pictures, and a video. I could send them if you provide an email address.

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