To report an injured turtle, please call: 289-775-1351

Who’s Who

The town of Dundas is home to several species of turtles. Learn about them and see photos taken by our volunteers here.

Video Gallery

Our volunteers have seen some amazing scenes over the years. Watch some of their favourite moments here.

In the News

Read the many news articles featuring the conservation efforts of DTW over the years.

After another unusual, but successful season, DTW wishes to thank all of our volunteers for willingly waking at the crack of dawn, getting soaked in summer storms, or delaying their delightful dinners into the evening to patrol for our native turtles. All the best to you as the leaves change and the cold air floods into our community. Thank you, stay well, and we’ll look forward to next year!

The cooler autumn air is upon us. Although reptiles will be hunkering down for the winter, many animals, like mammals and birds, will be hustling to prepare for the onset of winter. Stay alert and drive with care; you might just save a life!

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