Help the Turtles of Dundas!

As the air cools and the autumnal sun fills the sky, you will see a surge of animal life in urban areas.  The animals need to cross our roads to find food.  We need to drive our roads to get food.  Stay alert, drive with caution, don’t speed, and keep the roads safe for all creatures this season!


Every year during the spring nesting season, female turtles carrying eggs are killed by vehicle collisions.

Every year during the fall hatching season, baby turtles seeking marsh refuge are crushed by vehicles too.

If this vehicular carnage continues, turtle populations in the area will continue to decline.  Certain species are already listed as endangered.

The Dundas Turtle Watch is working to stop the slaughter.

The following 60 second video covers a year’s rewards of being a Turtle Watch volunteer:

If you are 18 years of age or older, and you would like to inquire about Dundas Turtle Watch and its activities, or to report a turtle in danger or injured, you can reach us here:

By email:

By phone: Turtle Watch Hotline 289-775-1351

By phone: Joanna Chapman 905-627-8917 (evening hours only please)

You can also leave a message below:

Please leave your phone number or email address to ensure a reply.

Thank you.

Courtesy of Catherine Shimmell & Pete Hurrell

Courtesy of Catherine Shimmell & Pete Hurrell


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